Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Want It Wednesday: National Lipstick Day

National Lipstick Day

Hello hello and happy Wednesday!

As yesterday was National Lipstick Day, I wanted to theme this week's #WantItWednesday around some beautifully unnatural lippies I've been dying for.

On the top left is a lipstick called Indigo Bridge from Portland Black Lipstick Co. I've mentioned this company before when I swatched my favorite fall lip colors here. These colors are highly pigmented and are completely natural. For a natural product that makes unnatural colors, the color payoff is amazing. Definitely a brand worth checking out. Some of their "unnatural" shades actually fit a more safer makeup style depending on the skin tone. While the website does not have actual swatches with the product, you can find tons of swatches from bloggers online.

The next color is from Lime Crime Makeup and is called Serpentina. This beautifully metallic green make me think of Medusa. This vegan and cruelty free brand is known for the amazing breadth of colors they provide as well as their long lasting velvetines, which happens to be my next lip color of choice.

While this last lip color is not a lipstick per-say, it comes in a tube like a gloss and dries just like a lipstick. This color is reminiscent of the Undead Red that I have from Portland Black Lipstick Co, but it has more brown undertones. The matte look of this lip is to die for, and the only reason I've held off on getting it is because even more color options will be available soon. A girl needs to weigh her options! 

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