Friday, October 25, 2013

Lipstick Love: Colors For Fall

From top to bottom: OCC Lip Tar - Black Dahlia, Portland Black Lipstick Co. - Undead Red, Portland Black Lipstick Co. - Artificial Amethyst, MAC Cosmetics - Rebel, MAC Cosmetics - Firm Form

Hello all! As I've been feeling under the weather this week it's been difficult for me to keep up with my outfit posts, plus looking sickly doesn't really suit me. REGARDLESS, that will not stop me from posting and keeping you lovely readers entertained! 

Today I decided to talk about one of my favorite topics, lipsticks. While I think you can wear any color you want all year round, there are definitely some colors suited for the fall season and here are a few of my favorites! One brand that I love is OCC for it's amazing collection of Lip Tars. This specific color is called Black Dahlia which they list as their blackest blackened red, and they do not fail to uphold the depth in color. Lip Tars are fabulous because they are long lasting, and a little dab will truthfully cover your lips in bold colors. The link that I've added is to all of their matte colors, but they now also provide clear, metallic, and stained gloss.

The next two colors are from Portland Black Lipstick Co. which I discovered in an article on Beatylish this time last year. The company was created with the intention of providing an affordable black lipstick made from all natural ingredients. They've expanded to include many more unnatural colors including the two pictured above, Undead Red and Artificial Amethyst. Undead Red is this clay-ish type of color that leans more towards a plum color while Artificial Amethyst is this beautiful deep purple with such a shine to it.

The last two colors are from MAC cosmetics. Rebel is a fuchsia plum, when worn on it's own you see more of the fuchsia color but when you wear it over a dark lipliner the plum really pops. My last selection is a color called Firm Form which is a gilded black. While black is a very strong color, this one is very sheer and the gold shimmer makes it much more fun and playful.

I hope you've enjoyed my selections, let me know your favorite fall lip colors in the comments below!!



  1. I've been trying to decide about Black Dahlia for a while, I love deep berry colours so I think I may have to go for it! xx

    1. It's so nice on! You can control how dark the color is based on how thick you layer it. The only possibly negative thing I have to say is that if you leave it sitting around the color may separate a bit but it hasn't effected the quality of the product when I wear it. Just to be safe I at least flip the tube around if I'm not using it often.