Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Sunday Excursions

Coat :: Topshop
Top :: Loft
Jeans :: bebe similar style here
Boots :: Marc Fisher
Bag :: Coach similar style here

I know it's been ages since I've posted, but I promise it's because I've been working hard and not because I don't care about you all!

On Sunday I took some time to go out, visit the MET, and stroll alongside Central Park. With the weather just starting to warm up, I am super excited for all of the clothing I can finally show off! Layering is great and all, but there are so many things I miss wearing during those cold winter months.

For my little day trip I wanted to keep things comfortable but still sophisticated. You can do no wrong with a classic white shirt paired with some jeans, especially this one from Loft. It has a slightly cropped front and a voluminous back. Small details like that make all the difference with classic pieces.

Knee high black boots and a matching cross body bag bring some contrast to the light and airy feel of the blouse. The salt & pepper colored jacket brings the entire look together and adds a cozier touch of wool. 

I hope in my absence you've all been fairing well. I cannot wait to get back to regularly posting and sharing my looks with you!


Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Getting Organized:

I don't know about the rest of you, but when it comes to organizing my clothing I have wonderful ideas but rarely put them into action. I know it's awful, I should be taking better care of everything I own, but sometimes with the hours I work it's a bit difficult. I just want to get home and do absolutely nothing.

Today, whilst working from home due to the "blizzard" I was motivated to start some reorganization. Not only did I need to find a neat way to pack everything away, but it needed to be in a way that was easily accessible and where I could still see each individual item.

The results are as follows:

For jeans and denim, I find it best to leave the waistband face up. This allows you to read the brand and give a clue as to the cut and style of the pant, beyond just the wash.

I also reorganized my athletic/swimsuit drawer from outerwear to tops and bottoms.

My skirts and shorts drawer is packed the same as my jean drawers, except for the fact that I have rolled up all of my tights and pantyhose and tucked them in the middle.

Personally, it is so hard to be motivated to do this revamping because sometimes it seems overwhelming (I still have two other dressers to fix as well as a shelving unit and my closet), but once you get started it is totally worth it. I can tell that it's going to be easier to get ready in the mornings and even to keep things this organized. Plus, sorting through everything allows me to decide what I don't need anymore and can donate to those in need!

What's your favorite method to stay organized? Let me know in the comments below!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Warby Parker: Spring 2015

There is so much to love about Spring. Warmer weather that doesn't make you melt, bright and lively colors all around, and best of all new fashions.

This is, of course, not limited to clothing. Having worn glasses for years, I've always loved finding new styles. While usually more conservative in my eyeglass choices, there are so many beautiful selections out there, and companies like Warby Parker provide affordable options. 

This spring their eyeglass frames, which can be found here, have some nautical inspirations. Personally, my mind immediately goes to anchors and boating ropes, among all of the other oceanic symbols. This collection, however, takes nautical to a more sophisticated level. They pull in beautifully bright blues and colorful tortoise shell to make some not so basic eyewear.

Below are some of my favorite pieces from the collection which includes vibrant hues as well as some more basic essentials. It was hard to pick just one!

The first option is the Carnaby frame in blue coral. With hints of a beautifully vibrant shade of blue, this frame has a classic shape. The mix of brown and blue prevent the frames from getting too loud, but the unexpected color still keeps them exciting.

My next selection is the Daisy frame in striped molasses. The thinner rounded frames are absolutely gorgeous! While it does come in a brighter color option, I think the neutral tone really lets you focus on the shape rather than being distracted by too much color.

My final choice is the Brooks frame in striped pacific - I'm clearly into the striped detail for this seasons frames. This more square frame with wire detail comes in a beautiful sea green. In this shade, the stripes give the rippling effect of the ocean over a beautifully white sandy beach.

The best part about Warby Parker's frames, aside from the beautiful selection, is that they give back to communities. What I love about the non-profits they work with, is that they don't just give away glasses, but they teach locals the skills needed to provide their own eye exams as well as sell affordable eyeglasses. They are doing more than giving the gift of sight, they are providing people with a sustainable future by creating jobs in their local communities.

Be sure to check out the entire collection at warbyparker.com

Sunday, January 11, 2015

London Finds

Top :: Jekkah
Jeans:: Gap
Boots :: Doc Martens

Long overdue, I'm finally sharing one of my looks from a day out in London. I found this shirt while shopping around Camden Market and fell in love. This is a men's shirt from a brand called Jekkah that both takes inspiration from and produces their clothing in Africa. Jekkah, meaning to be beautiful, elegant, or well dressed, meets all of these points. You can check out the brand online, or if you're lucky enough to be in London, check them out in person. It's definitely worth your time :)

Monday, January 5, 2015

Beatnik Vibes

Turtle Neck :: Topshop similar style here
Jeans :: Loft
Belt :: Loft similar style here
Shoes :: We Who See from Urban Outfitters similar here

Hello and happy Monday - and happy New Year! :)

Today I'm channeling my inner beatnik in this sheer ribbed turtleneck from Topshop. I had purchased it while on holiday in London for a casual night out and am more than pleased with the many ways I can style it. 

This fitted top is great paired with some relaxed skinnies. The contrasting fits complement each other while the cropped top lets me show off my belt. Some wedge booties complete the look by adding some feminine flair to the lower half of the look.

I love this look because it's great for a more casual club and not too over the top for dinner or drinks at the bar.

As always, thanks for reading!


Friday, December 26, 2014

Casual Christmas

 Sweater :: Aerie similar style here
Jeans :: Gap
Belt :: Loft
Booties :: Michael Kors

Happy boxing day y'all! I hope everyone is taking advantage of the great sales going on today.

Today's post is my Christmas Day attire for a casual Chinese food and movie experience. I've always been a fan of high waisted jeans, and I just bought a pair from Gap before I went on holiday to London. Let me tell you, they are my new favorite jeans so I just had to get them in whatever color options they had available. The location by me only had a light and dark wash, but they are fantastic! So comfortable and are really one of the better pair of denim that I own.

When it comes to high waisted jeans, I love showing them off. While they can be worn under your top, I like the idea of tucking my top in and showing off the detail of the denim and whatever belt I'm currently fancying. Paired with a cozy sweater and my cheetah print MK booties to play off the belt, the look is complete.

Hope you're all having a wonderful holiday break<3

Tuesday, December 23, 2014

Sequins & Side Stripes

Top :: J. Crew
Jeans :: Bebe
Boots :: Marc Fisher

I am currently loving this top from J. Crew. I saw it around Black Friday but passed because I tried the white version on. I almost wish I tried this color on sooner, although because I waited I was able to snag it on sale ;) sometimes patience really works in your favor.

Do you have any favorite Black Friday/holiday buys? Let me know in the comments below!