Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday Funday: Family BBQ

Top :: Loft similar style here
Pants :: Superdry similar style here
Sandals :: Call It Spring similar style here

This time of year is great because you can spend time socializing outdoors with friends and family. Yesterday we took a trip up to New York and had a BBQ at my cousins house. I threw this look together quickly before leaving: a baby blue striped tank top, fitted khaki paratrooper inspired pants, and snake print sandals with a pop of orange detailed on the side. 

When it comes to gatherings, whether it be with family or friends, I always go through at least two outfits and this was the final option I came up with. I wanted something that I could be comfortable in as the day got cooler, but I could still stand to be in the sun. An airy and breathable top is great for this time of year when paired with some cuffed pants because you can easily go from the cool AC to a sunny deck BBQ. I took these photos once we got back home and did my dad the courtesy of showing off his blossoming garden lol hope you like, and thanks for reading!<3

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