Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Want It Wednesday: Fitness Finds


I've always been into working out and trying to be as active as I can, so of course I spend some time looking into cute and fun looks for working out. Except for the shoes, which I have come across through my various searches, I happened to stumble upon these unique brands that have a great product to offer.

The first fun option that I just found the other day are the fun tank tops seen above. Activate Apparel probably has some of THE most unique and funniest tank tops I have seen out there. While they do have some of your more expected phrases, they definitely provide unique alternatives. Personally, I love that they even have options from childhood shows, video games, and anime. I'm sure you will find the perfect new gym shirt for you here.

Love Fitness Apparel is another great option for athletic-wear. My favorite pieces that they make are their fitness pants which are essentially workout leggings. They are made in proper sports fabrics and come in unique prints, the Bermuda ones pictured above are my current obsession.

Last but not least is Valleau Apparel which makes some of the most unique and comfortable looking sports bras that I have ever seen. I've been eyeing them for ages and keep saying that I'm going to buy a pair but haven't gotten around to it yet. I know if I put it off much longer I'm going to regret it. 

Of course there are the shoes pictured above, but these are just two pairs that I love the slim and sleek look of as well as the color and print combination. In all honesty, I have an entire folder full of athletic shoes that I would love to have but for the time being I like these two the most.

Do you have any favorite brands of athletic-wear that you're into? Let me know in the comments below! 

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