Friday, May 23, 2014

Kendra's Miami Fashion Challenge!

Hello and happy Friday lovelies! I am very excited for today's post super special blog post. I've been going back and forth with Kendra Thornton, a well known travel expert, who has asked me to style a few looks for her upcoming trip to Miami with her husband as a part of Kendra's Miami Fashion Challenge! Below you will find the details of the challenge followed by my looks:

I am taking a romantic trip to Miami with my husband this summer. Before I go, I need some excellent outfits to wear. These outfits need to be astonishing and chic. This especially needs to be the case when we take photos, and I want to look fantastic when I look back years later. I have created a contest to help me with my wardrobe. This contest is called “Kendra’s Miami Fashion Challenge.” We will be staying at the Delano South Beach Hotel. We found out about this famous spot through gogobot. Furthermore, we learned what venues we should visit while in the warm city of Miami. One of the top things that I will be looking forward to is entering the Delano. I understand the lobby is simply breathtaking. I want my entrance to be memorable and simply perfect. While we are there, I will get to visit Club Essentia. This spa is a unique establishment to say the least. While the priority is on providing guests with traditional spa treatments, there is special focus on procedures that prevent aging. I personally am looking forward to having a facial that will last for an hour. Receiving an authentic Swedish massage will truly put me in the right frame of mind. When it is time for drinks, we will be stopping at the Rose Bar. This spot is ideal for watching people and making a fashion statement around all the glamorous and elegance that is featured in this establishment. We like to dance, and the FDR at Delano is the perfect place to dance the night away. We can have some great Italian food at Bianca, which is located in the hotel. There is a huge variety of rooms that are offered at the Delano. Furniture in rooms is sophisticated but comfortable. I understand the beds are heavenly. When I am dressed perfectly in fashionable attire, going to a restaurant, shopping, swimming in the ocean or having cocktails is thrilling. I have more fun when I have the right attire. In fact, this vacation will be unforgettable with the right clothing. It is hard for me to wait for our trip to begin!

Comfortably Chic Travels

This look is all about finding an outfit that can survive an airplane ride and still have you looking completely put together. The pleated kaftan is great because it's not constricting and shouldn't wrinkle on the flight, but when belted at the waist looks elegant enough to walk down Ocean Drive in Miami. Sunglasses and gold accessories top the look off, and a pop of color in this tote is perfect to add a wow-factor while giving you a cute place to hold your shoes until you're ready to switch to these cute wedges!

Vacation Exploration

This look is all about going out, eating, browsing the markets, and exploring your vacation spot. With Miami in mind, I wanted to create a look with some layers for when you go inside restaurants or shopping in boutiques. Personally, it is sometimes hard for me to choose between a more structured look and something that is a bit more flowy. The choice is yours in this case, choosing between a black peplum top and a sheer blouse to pair with these sophisticated shorts. To add a layer, I chose a teal blazer that can be thrown on whenever it gets a bit too chilly.

Night On The Town

For a night out in Miami you just have to wear something as bright and festive as the environment you're in. I chose a jumpsuit rather than a dress because I wanted an edgier look. While there are edgy dresses, there will be tons of women in dresses in Miami and we want to stand out! I paired the look with a chunky heel for the extra stability to withstand a long night of dancing. Gold accessories and a funky clutch complete the look.

I had a ton of fun putting these looks together, and am even looking forward to planning a wardrobe for my own future vacation. I hope you all like the looks I picked, and hopefully they were an inspiration to you Kendra! Best wishes for you and your husband on your romantic getaway!



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