Sunday, September 28, 2014

Live Love Loft

Blouse :: Loft
Pants :: Loft
Flats :: Loft similar style here

I'm kind of obsessed to this head to toe Loft look I wore to work last week so I wanted to give you the proper details in a blog post. (p.s. if you haven't noticed, my wardrobe is slowly being taken over by Loft)

I wasn't sure about this soft chambray shirt initially because I have a ton of chambray already. After wearing it out, I am in love(maybe all of the hearts had something to do with it haha)! This is probably one of the most comfortable, put together looks I've ever worn to work. The pants are stretchy which makes them great for running around, and the fit is my favorite one that Loft has to offer. While they generally tend to have a straight fit pant, this skinny fit is fantastic because it's figure flattering and cropped so you can show off whatever shoe's you're wearing. 


  1. I'm totally fallen in love with your slip-on



    1. Thanks Francesca!

      They are beyond comfortable, plus cheetah print looks great with fall colors<3 I'll definitely be wearing them a lot haha