Monday, April 28, 2014

New Shoes: My Favorite Styles for Spring/Summer

Whenever the seasons change it's always nice to update your wardrobe, and this past weekend I went a little crazy at DSW. Here are my most recent purchases and why I love these styles for spring/summer:

I used to love love LOVE converse so much that I wanted them in every color and style available. While that is a bit excessive, these classic basketball sneakers are fantastic! I've had them in colors ranging from black to red to green, but I was dying to switch things up and go with the understated and crisp look of a solid white Chuck Taylor. These are great because they seriously go with everything, whether you want to rock a casual denim look or a dress. I've also developed a preference for the high tops because they're more versatile. Since the shoe is canvas, you can either fold the edges down to get the look of a low-top or you can leave it as is. Either way these shoes are beyond comfortable, light and airy for the warmer weather, and are simple and crisp enough to pop against any outfit.

My next favorite is the sport sandal, this one being from Teva. Growing up, my dad used to rock sandals like these and when I visited Israel I saw my fair share of them. What's awesome about these kinds of sandals is that they can be worn for anything from hiking to a day at the beach. They come in a ton of different colors and styles but I prefer the originals. These can pretty much be worn with anything just like the converse. With the normcore trend making it's mark, shoes like these last two pair (as well as the next pair) are becoming a lot more mainstream. 

I am obsessed with unique flats and sandals. I really can't wear heels for too long unless they're THE perfect height so I love finding unique shoes that give my feet the comfort they need but are also super stylish. When I saw these online I knew I had to try them on, and in person they did not disappoint. These White Mountain sandals give you the perfect amount of cushion that you don't get from thin flat sandals. Plus, the unique criss-cross style seems like a modern and slightly artistic interpretation of a Japanese sandal. I purchased them in the black and white but they also come in a funky copper/rose gold color. 

The final style I'm loving for spring/summer is the cut-out bootie. This style has been out for a little while now and I do own a similar style, but this pair from Zigi Soho were too cool to pass up on (plus I got them for a great deal at DSW). I love wearing boots all year round, despite the nagging I got from my parents over the years. Sometimes a boot adds that edgy detail that your outfit really needs. Now with cut-out booties you can wear your boots all year round without your feet melting or "making foot soup" as my dad likes to say lol

Do you have any favorite shoes for this time of year? Let me know in the comments below!!

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